Verses on Chan and Chan Potential

Clue about Chan Samadhi Innocence found

Vibrance abounds!
Thoughts turn straight and true.
Tame the mind. Let things go.
That is the vital clue.
As the earth dissolves,
Dualities will, too.
When space is shattered to smithereens,
Distinction-making will end.
A singular light then fills the cosmos.
Hold that pearl of wisdom.
Keep that mani gem close.
Transcending the defiled and pure,
Coming and going no longer occur.
The pulse will stop, thoughts, cease,
And the mad mind, be at peace.

--February 21st, 1984, City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Wonderful Truth In Us All

When silence reigns, sounds cease,
And the countless conditions are quiet.
Then the boundless sky, the vast earth,
And all that is in between,
Unite with the Dharma Realm.
A single substance emerges.
Where did we come from to get here?
Where do we go when we leave?
In fact, neither you nor I exist.
Yet wonderful truth is in us all.
The wise will find it naturally.

--December 27th, 1956

Topple Mount Sumeru

By knocking down Mount Sumeru
Obstacles are purged.
In the pure sea of our nature true,
No more waves emerge.
Awake, to penetrate and know
The true face of each of us.
Prajna wisdom always shows
That all things are forever thus.

--Verse for starting the Chan session,
Gold Mountain Chan Monastery, San Francisco,
December 5th, 1971

An Intensive Course

Good people, scholars of sorts,
Gather here for an intensive course:
Study of the unconditioned.
In this arena, Buddhas come forth.
Whoever awakens earns honors.

--Verse for starting the Chan session,
Buddhist Lecture Hall, San Francisco,
December 1969

Return of Spring

When spring gathers,
Things start to grow.
When space is shattered,
We come into our own.
Never again get fooled
By what self and others seem to be.
The Dharma Realm may be huge,
But it all fits within you and me.

--Verse for starting the 98-day Chan session,
Buddhist Lecture Hall, San Francisco,
October 15th 1970

Self-portrait of Hsuan Hua Sitting in Chan

Stilling thoughts is done in Dhyana.
A Bodhi sprout grows from Mahaprajna.
It needs to be tended with diligent care.
Awakening, with patience to bear
Insights about reality,
We are free to go and share
In the Dragon Flower Assembly.

Playing a Flute Without Holes

During an intensive Chan session,
Heaven and earth may be rent asunder.
Nor is it strange to get lessons,
In how to switch moons, in star plunder.
Standing before a shadowless peak,
A turn of the head will let you see.
Ever notice some true-blue soul
Playing a flute that has no holes?

Walk with Me

Upon awakening, do not be glad.
Before awakening, do not worry.
Work as hard as you ever have.
Hand-in-hand, walk with me.

--Verse for ending the Chan session,
Gold Mountain Chan Monastery, San Francisco,
February 18th, 1972

Vajra Seed to Bodhi Sprout

Some time past, we sowed a vajra seed.
Our Bodhi sprout is now so tall it soars.
The fruit it bears will one day be
Instant awakening, proper and full,
Bringing us right to the Buddhas’ door.

--Verse for starting the Chan session,
Buddhist Lecture Hall, San Francisco,
September 12th, 1970

Who will there be?

Pick it up. Let it fall.
Who is mindful of the Buddha?
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Put it down. Can’t let it go?
Who’s the Buddha mindful of?
Ho! Ho! Ho!
It is not you. It is not me.
The two of us are two too many.
It is you, and it is me.
But when Sumeru topples,
Who will there be?

--Verse for starting the Chan session,
Gold Mountain Chan Monastery, San Francisco,
March 11th, 1972

”Mind from the West Mind from the West
Teach me a way to escape from this cage.”
“To escape from the cage; To escape from the cage;
Put out both legs, close both eyes.
This is the way, to escape from the cage!”




天真活潑思無邪  降心離相是要訣
大地消沉泯對待  虛空粉碎了分別
靈光獨耀照法界  智珠在抱養牟尼
不垢不淨不來去  脈息念住狂性歇



萬籟無聲  諸緣頓息  天空地闊  法界一體
何來何去  無此無彼  其中妙諦  識者自取




須彌推倒障礙除  性海澄清波浪無
徹悟本來真面目  般若常明萬法如



十方善士同聚會  一心來此學無為
這裏即是選佛場  誰若徹悟及第歸



大地回春百物生  粉碎虛空自在翁
從此不落人我相  法界雖大盡包容



思惟靜慮即禪那  摩訶般若菩提芽
栽培灌溉勤精進  悟無生忍赴龍華



天翻地覆打禪七  摘星換月也無奇
無影山前回頭看  真人常吹無孔笛


開悟莫歡喜  未覺亦勿愁
繼續更努力  與汝把手遊



昔播金剛種  今萌菩提芽
即悟正覺果  直抵法王家



提得起  放得下  念佛是誰哈哈哈
放得下  提得起  誰是佛念嘻嘻嘻
不是你  不是我  你我之間人太多
也是你  也是我  須彌打倒誰也沒